How to reduce your monthly water heating bill

The cost of water heating bill constitutes a big chunk of every household’s monthly expenses. Since this is a basic necessity most people doesn’t consider the option to reduce the heating cost. It is indeed possible to reduce your monthly heating bill if you follow the below-listed suggestions.

  • Fix leaks immediately: The idea here is to make the most use of boiled water that comes out. When you have leaky taps it results in a lot of water being wasted. So make sure that you fix any leaks immediately.
  • Reduce the temperature in heater: In most cases, your water heater is set to maximum temperature. You can lower this temperature by 10 degrees F which will result in 5% lower water heating costs.
  • Use cold water for laundry: Strictly avoid using hot water for your daily laundry. Use hot water only for specific clothes and for the rest use cold water. Make it a habit to use cold for rinsing always irrespective of the clothes.
  • Reduce water wastage: It is a common practice to keep the tap open when people brush, which results in hot water being wasted. Use the water efficiently and avoid wastage wherever possible.
    water heating bill
  • Install heat traps: Heat traps are a smart way to reduce your water heating bill. Hire a professional to install heat traps which will help you reduce cost in the long run. If you are planning to purchase a new boiler, then consider boiler which comes with built-in heat traps.
  • Insulate your hot water tank: When you wrap hot water storage tank with the insulating material it will reduce your heating cost. Do not cover the thermostat for electric heaters.
  • Insulate water pipes: In most cases, heat escapes through the water pipes as they are not completely insulated. Wrap the first few feet of water pipes with an insulating material which will keep the water hot. For more information about heat wraps click here.
  • Use the dishwasher efficiently: Try to run your dishwasher with full load always. Few dishwashers have booster heater but it is not enabled by default. Activate the booster heater to save on your energy cost.
  • Replace old fixtures with low-flow fixtures: As per the government norms, all the latest bath fixtures should come with low-flow rates. When you replace your old bath fittings with newer ones it will lead to 50% savings.
  • Fix faulty boilers: Whenever you notice that there is something wrong with your boiler, get it fixed as soon as possible. If boiler repairs are reported and fixed early, you can save on expensive boiler repairs later. Faulty boilers take a long time to heat and thus consuming more than the required electricity. If fixed early you can save a lot on your energy bills.
  • Upgrade to ENERGY STAR rated appliances: It is proven that Energy Star rated dishwashers and washing machines will consume much lesser water and electricity. When less amount of water is consumed, boiler usage is reduced.

We have listed some of the proven and tested tips which will help you in reducing your water heating bill. You can also reduce your monthly bill by a huge margin if you replace your old boiler with a newer one which is highly energy efficient.