Things to consider before buying a new boiler

Buying and installing a new boiler is a challenging task and is also an expensive one. This becomes even more complicated if your boiler breaks down during the winter. Installing a new boiler will cost you anywhere between 2000-3000 Pounds. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of factors to consider before buying a new boiler.

Choosing the right brand

Boilers repairs are expensive so care has to be taken to ensure only highly reliable brands are considered during the purchase. If you invest in a low-cost unknown boiler brand, you might end up paying for repairs frequently. Repairs are both expensive and it might leave you with cold nights. Shortlist only the best-known brands in the boiler industry and chose one among them. A highly reliable branded boiler will be less faulty and will have low maintenance.

After Sales support

As we mentioned earlier, boiler repairs are expensive, so product warranty is a key factor in deciding the right boiler. Warranty period and terms will vary from brand to brand so choose the brand which has a high reputation for service and repairs. Most of the boiler problems are a result of the bad installation. If you buy a reliable brand and get it installed by someone else, you might end up paying for callouts. Manufacturers will charge you for repairs if they determine the issue is due to installation. Then you have to run behind the engineer who installed the boiler for reimbursement. This is an unfortunate scenario which many people report to us. Always try to get the boiler installed by the company or a person certified by the company to secure the warranty.

Size or capacity of the boiler

Heating capacity of the boiler is something which has to be given importance which selecting the right boiler. This depends on the number of bathrooms your house has and the number of family members. Size of the boiler is also an important aspect that depends on where you are planning to keep the boiler. Select a size which will fit right in the spot you have decided.

Consult your Boiler engineer

Boiler engineers are highly skilled and experienced in analyzing the house and determining the right boiler for your home. They will suggest brands, model, etc that better fit your requirements after a thorough technical analysis. Do listen to his suggestions but don’t blindly follow it. Many boiler engineers are incentivized for recommending particular boiler brands. In some cases, they might recommend brands which are not the best bet for your home but one which pays them. So get their professional opinion but make an educated decision.

Types of Boiler

There are 3 types of boilers available in the market.

  • Combination Boiler: This is a conventional boiler which will heat the water whenever you need it. There is no storage tank involved and hence occupies lesser space.
  • Heat-only boiler: This is the widely used boiler which has a storage tank for storing hot water which can be used anytime required. This occupies some extra space for the tank.
  • System boiler: This is quite similar to heat-only boilers but has more functionality in-built. This is relatively smaller in size and more efficient. This is highly recommended for smaller homes.

For more information of the types of boiler click here. The boiler engineer from APH Heating Ltd will guide you in selecting the most suitable boiler for your home and also help with installation.